A Genuine Science Program that Provides What Your Child Really Needs

Dear Parent,

This is Jayce Or, PSLE Science Specialist and Principal of Germinate. My passion is in helping students GROW and NURTURE their capabilities and skillsets in mastering Primary Science.

Every year, I witness a similar pattern of students experiencing a sharp drop in their results between Primary 4 and Primary 5 with some of them experiencing failure for the first time. It’s not hard to imagine how demoralized students feel and start losing their confidence towards Primary Science.

Without the proper encouragement and guidance, they continue to flounder with a weak grasp of science concepts and lack a proven and consistent approach to answering science questions.

Crafted with over 20 years of PSLE Science experience in equipping students with the right tools and strategies, Germinate’s Regular Science classes tackle these problems directly at its ROOTS.

Students need help to anchor their science concepts clearly and nurture a good foundation for scientific inquiry.  They also need to be guided to delve deeper in the important process skills and techniques required to do well in Upper Primary Science.

At Germinate, our Science Curriculum is skillfully taught so that each child masters the essentials. Additionally, our program emphasizes a NURTURING environment for children to love and appreciate Science way beyond a mere academic subject, in tandem with meeting the demands of the MOE Science syllabus.


Our C3 Science Framework

Led and crafted by Germinate’s Principal, PSLE Science Specialist & former experienced PSLE Science marker Jayce Or, our C3 pedagogical framework for teaching, extends itself in three areas of scientific mastery: 1. Concept  2. Concrete  3. Connect. 

A Germinate Science Class Approach:

1. Conceptual Rigor: A curated list of key concepts with the experience of science specialist teaching, according to the MOE Syllabus.  

2. Concrete Activities: Hands-on experiments and live demonstrations flesh out scientific principles, together with relevant science activities, experiments and videos

3. Connections: Critical linkage of answering science questions through a consistent application of process skills. Helping students make real world connections with science, applying its relevance to everyday life.