“The ULTIMATE PSLE 2023 Revision Class:



*How can my child minimize losing marks for INCOMPLETE answers in their Science exams/ Prelims?

*Are you ploughing through voluminous guide books, assessments, without having a STRATEGIC plan to help your child?

*Is the only way to doing well in PSLE Science to mug from thick notes and engage in mindless drilling of practice papers?



Many “well-meaning” resources and programs in the marketplace focus on providing a surplus of content while churning model templates for students to follow.

Sadly, this has led many parents and students to MISS THE POINT in their approach to mastering PSLE Science.

As a result…

*Many students overstudy, more than what is necessary.

*Rely on the wrong approach to mastering Science with lots of undue stress.

*They cannot APPLY the scientific knowledge they acquire, especially when questions are tweaked slightly differently. 


Through my years of experience as a former experienced PSLE Science marker, I can pin this down to a few common problems faced by many students…

  • They have trouble differentiating between the CONCEPTS and the CONTENT. While content refers to a broad spectrum of facts on a given topic, CONCEPTS are the crucial scientific characteristics/functions/ processes/ relationships that underpin the deeper understanding of the Science Topic.
  • They don’t know the scientific vocabulary and terms to use and are not sure HOW to incorporate the SCIENTIFIC CONCEPTS CLEARLY within their answer.
  • They are not sure what what concept they are being tested on. Having a weak understanding of concepts will lead to Misconceptions in their answers.


Hi, my name is Jayce Or, and I am the Principal of Germinate, PSLE Science Specialist, former experienced PSLE Science marker and author “My Pals are Here; Science Tests XTra”, Marshall Cavendish.

With over 20 years of helping hundreds of students overcome their challenges in PSLE Science, I know full well the THE PAINS of tackling PSLE Science.

The clock is ticking and there is little time left towards PSLE. BUT, I can teach your the strategies to CUT to the CORE of what is CRITICAL for your child’s PSLE success.

It is of crucial importance that your child possesses a good grasp of the Critical Concepts and Hot Topics from Lower to Upper Block ….to build a good runway for PSLE.

As an experienced Upper Primary/ PSLE Science coach, I know that:

  1. NOT ALL science facts/content are of equal importance.
  2. There are EFFECTIVE tools to revise through my proven Concept Mastery Approach.
  3. It is not the ACCUMULATION of content that matters but the APPLICATION of CONCEPTS that does.
  4. MISCONCEPTIONS in their answers & WRONG CONCEPT APPLICATION in their MCQ and Open Ended answers can definitely be avoided.




Benefits of attending our 8 hours Intensive Masterclass:

1. Strategize and zoom in on PSLE Hot Topics by reinforcing heavily-weighted concepts from Upper to Lower Block that will be tested in every PSLE Exam

2. Focused revision based on our acute analysis of trending PSLE questions.

3. Eliminate misconceptions that commonly confuse 90% of PSLE students

4. Reinforce conceptual accuracy over DIFFICULT & TRICKY PSLE type questions that most students struggle.

5. Exposure to Higher-order Science Questions: Targeted practice on “killer” questions that will test student rigor in conceptual understanding and application

Your science coach: Teacher Jayce Or

Founder & Principal of Germinate Learning Pte Ltd, PSLE Science Strategist, Author of P5/6 Marshall Cavendish Science Test X-Tra, former experienced PSLE Science marker with more than 20 years of Science Coaching in both MOE & private industry.
Knows the ins and out of PSLE Science. Coached thousands of parents & students on how to dissect HOW Science questions are formulated and feel less intimidated on what is expected in the PSLE Science Exam and recent question types in PSLE papers.
Affectionately known as Science Dad Sg,  Jayce is a father of 6 kids and teacher to many more students. He believes in empowering parents to support their children in understanding the demands and requirements of primary science to better journey with them.
Teaches children Heart Science not just Hard Science. His passion is impacting his students to grow a deep interest and love for the subject…beyond merely just grades alone!

**For P6 Students: Supercharge for PSLE Success!**



[Run 1 – Online]: 30-31 Jul & 6-7 August (Sun-Mon) *FULLY SUBSCRIBED!*

Time: 7pm – 9pm (4 days x 2 hrs = 8 hrs)


[Run 2 – Bugis]: 4 & 5 Sep (Mon & Tue – Sep School Holidays) *FULLY SUBSCRIBED!*

Time: 9am-1.15pm (2 days x 4hrs = 8 hrs, with 15 mins break per day)


[Run 3 – Online]: 28 Aug, 4, 11 & 18 Sep (4 consecutive Mondays) *Registration closed!*

Time: 7pm – 9pm (4 days x 2 hrs = 8 hrs)

Venue: Online via Zoom

♦ Additional Benefit for Online Masterclass: Replay access to recorded online lesson for 2 weeks ♦

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[Run 4 – Bugis]: 3 & 10 Sep (2 consecutive Sundays) *FULLY SUBSCRIBED!*

Time: 1.45pm – 6pm (2 days x 4hrs = 8 hrs, with 15 mins break per day)

Venue: 87 Beach Road Chye Sing Building,

#03-01 S(189695) Lingo School of Knowledge

(5 minutes walk from Bugis MRT)


Fee: $395


1. Organizer reserves the right to change the venue and timing.
2. Organizer requires a minimum of 6 participants for class to commence.
3. Slot can only be confirmed when payment has been made on a first come first served basis.
4. All participants need a confirmation email of payment received from the organizer.
5. For online event, only one login is allowed for each confirmed signup. We will send you the zoom login details and softcopy handouts 3-5 days before the date.
6. There will be no refund 14 days prior to event.
7. If participant fails to turn up on actual day, there will be no refund or makeup.
8. In the event that the session is cancelled due to insufficient number of participants, the fees would be refunded.
9. By attending this event, I understand that my child may be photographed during the workshop for marketing purposes. I agree to allow my child’s photo, video or film likeness to be used, without compensation for communication purposes, including, but not limited to the website, social media sites and the press by the event holders. Germinate may collect, use or disclose your personal data and consent to receive marketing, advertising and promotional materials in accordance to the full terms of Germinate’s Privacy Policy.


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