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7 Essential Skills Your Upper Primary Child Must Have to Tackle PSLE Science.

Is your child lacking these CRITICAL SKILLS to SCORE in PSLE SCIENCE??

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  • WHAT are the 7 ESSENTIAL SKILLS your child may be LACKING to do well in Primary Science
  • WHY 90% of students EASILY STUMBLE in every Science paper WITHOUT these critical skills
  • HOW to IMPLEMENT these STRATEGIES to tackle PSLE Science 

Hear it from Jayce Or, Principal of Germinate, experienced PSLE Science Specialist & former PSLE marker…


Many students and parents that I have taught and journeyed with through the years always express the same exasperation…

They just can’t seem to get a handle on Primary School Science…

Why is this answer wrong?

Why should it be phrased in this particular way in order to be accepted?

What is my child actually missing?

Achieve CLARITY on the 7 Skills your child needs to MASTER to do well in PRIMARY SCIENCE …

The tips here will help to align your child’s focus to what is important and necessary to do well and make learning science an enjoyable process!




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