[3 Mar 2023]

For ✨MCQ Tip Talk #4, let me highlight one of the most painful but yet common mistake students make…

...shading the wrong answers in the Optical Answer Sheet (OAS)!

Yes, it can happen and it did happen to many students I know.

Some skipped a question or 2. 

Some missed a line. 

😱 Most lost LOTS of marks as the subsequent answers go to the wrong OAS entry.

[OAS Image Source] https://www.seab.gov.sg/docs/default-source/assessment-services/sample-oas

⛑️What can students do? 

(1) Write down your answers in the question paper as it is easier to cross check later.

(2) Be careful when shading the OAS sheet. Use a ✏2B pencil and make sure you shade the bubble completely. Use a ruler where necessary to avoid shading the wrong line.

(3) Cross check your answers with the one shaded in the OAS. Do sample checking if there is not enough time.

(4) 😨Do not panic if you realise any mistakes in the shading. Take a deep breath, keep calm, make sure the wrong shading is erase off completely with a soft eraser and shade in the correct answers you have from action (1) above.

Do share with your child these MCQ exam tips so that they can avoid and be well prepared for an unwanted scenario. 💪💪

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