Dear Parents,

This page is specially created to address some questions you might have with regards to our regular classes & masterclasses.

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Q: What Differentiates Germinate’s Science Curriculum from others? 

Our curriculum is developed by our Principal and former experienced PSLE Science Marker Jayce Or, who has used his effective and accessible C3 pedagogy to help hundreds of students unlock abstract Science concepts easily and relevantly. 

Teacher Jayce, affectionately known as “Science Dad Sg” is a father of 6 lovely children and a passionate Science educator. He is also the author of My Pals Are Here! Science Tests XTRA P5&6, and a post-graduate alumnus of the prestigious Graduate School of Education, Melbourne University bringing over 20 years of teaching experience in MOE & private institutions under his belt. The curriculum focuses on engaging each child with the fascination and appreciation for Science, helping them see the textbook concepts come “alive” by connecting them with real world relevance and applications. This motivates many of our students to transform from disliking Science to enjoying it! Read more of our student and parent’s testimonials here! 

The Germinate Team is committed to make Science accessible and interesting; teaching Heart Science” not “Hard Science.” 

We believe that a love for Science can be sustained by teaching Science beyond mere “textbook” knowledge and this motivates and prepares children for a lifetime of appreciation in their academic journey. We do not screen students and try to help each child that comes to us through our programme.


Q: What are Weekly Regular Classes like?

Germinate Regular Classes are structured weekly programs spanning 36-40 weeks which aim to equip students with the relevant Science conceptual knowledge amidst a strong process skills framework in accordance with the requirements of the MOE Science Syllabus. The lessons are conducted either online or in hybrid delivery format for selected levels.

Additionally, the emphasis here is on building a strong foundation in loving and appreciating Science in tandem with meeting the rigour and demands of the PSLE Science Syllabus. Our focus is to help students plug gaps which schools may not necessarily have time to teach. Our lessons follow the C3 pedagogical framework for teaching Science: by engaging students in learning science concepts, hands-on activities/teacher’s demonstration/videos and connecting this with real-life applications of science on a weekly basis. 


Q: What is the class size for your Regular Group Class?

Maximum class size ranges from 12-15 students, depending on the venue/delivery mode.


Q: Do you have trial lesson for your Regular Group Class?

Yes, we understand that it is important to have a good fit among the teacher, student and even parent. We welcome new students to join us for a trial lesson before signing up. Our trial is risk-free where trial fee will only be collected if your child enrol with us after the trial lesson. Trial fee is $65 for P3/P4 students and $85 for P5/6 students.

We do appreciate your understanding that the availability of trial classes is subjected to our discretion based on class schedules/sizes and should not be disruptive to our existing students.


Q: Why do we have to sign up for at least a term?

In Germinate, we believe that learning is a lifelong process.

It is important to give the teacher and student some time to get accustomed to both teaching and learning styles before we can reaped the best result in this learning journey.

Hence we require a minimum of one term enrollment or more to be able to see the progress in your child.


Q: How are the charges like and is there any discount if we sign up for more classes?

We tier our pricing based on the regular fees for the usual 10 lessons. Do contact us if you intend to sign up for more than 20 lessons, to enjoy a bundle discount.

We may offer promotional course fee/package during the academic year.

Please note that such fees and packages apply strictly to the promotional period and will be subject to change and/or revert to usual program fees AFTER the stated promotional period is over. You will enjoy more savings the earlier you sign up for our classes.


Q: The term has already started. Can my child still join your regular class? How is the fee going to be like?

Yes, your child can join our regular class mid-term and we will prorate the fees accordingly.


Q: How do I proceed with the payment and how do I get the confirmation for the sign up?

We will send you a class offer with fee details and payment modes. A confirmation email will be sent to you within the next 2 working days.


Q: What are the differences and similarities between your Online and Onsite Classes?


Q. What to expect if I am attending onsite lessons?
1. Student who is unwell should NOT come to class. He/she may arrange to join other online class for replacement or view recorded lesson replay. Student who appears in the centre with symptoms or who is unwell will be asked to go home and will not be allowed to enter the premise. For students attending trial lesson, we will schedule another session.

2. Only students are allowed into the centre. Parents are not allowed to enter the center’s premises and are advised to wait for your children outside the centre and observe social distancing guidelines while waiting.

3. Students and Teacher should always adhere to the minimum social distancing measures as required by the health authorities.

4. All students must be responsible to ensure personal hygiene.

5. We seek your cooperation to do your part and be socially responsible. Thank you.


Q. What to expect if I am attending online lessons?

1. Prior to the first online session, you may choose to:

2. On the day of the session, we encourage students to log in 5-10mins before the scheduled time as the lesson will commence according to the schedule given. 
  • For a better viewing experience, we strongly encourage you to use a desktop/ laptop/ tablet.
  • Should you encounter any issue, please restart your computer and relaunch the zoom session. You may want to switch to another device and try again. 
  • If the internet connection appears to be slow, there are many reasons behind it. It could be a problem with your modem or router, Wi-Fi signal, signal strength on your cable line, devices on your network saturating your bandwidth etc. You may want to switch to another device and try again. 

👉 When signing in, remember to put down your child’s name for us to take attendance and admit your child promptly.

👉 When you join the meeting, you may be placed in a “waiting room” first. You should see the below screen.

👉 We will take attendance and admit your child to the classroom.

👉  Important: All students are required to join in with their video and keep it turned on throughout the lesson so that our Teacher can see them, similar to a class setting. This is to ensure that students remain on task during the lesson. Please ensure that your device comes with video sharing function and communicate with your child on this requirement.

3. Other good practices for learning effectively online.
  • Lessons will function “live” and teaching will be modified to suit an online class delivery mode with on-spot teaching instruction and feedback given. Please encourage your child to embrace learning online and be participative in each session! 
  • During the lesson, our teacher will be going through some questions and students can try to answer in real time. Your child may be called upon to type his or her answer into the chat box function as he would typically be called to give an answer in a physical classroom. 
  • You can either have a physical copy of the worksheet or a soft copy of the worksheet opened using this PDF online link – an annotating tool for your child to write in his answers while they are being explained. 
  • If there are additional queries, your child can also send it via email to Teacher Jayce at, and he will look at it over the course of the week.
  • Homework may be assigned after each class. Your child should ensure that his homework is done BEFORE the lesson so feedback on his or her answers can be done promptly during the lesson. This will be similar to how lessons are conducted in physical classroom. It would be best to have a physical copy of the worksheet for your child to correct his answers while they are being explained. 


Q: Any difference in fees for online vs onsite classes?

We are committed to deliver the same quality lesson regardless if the class is online or onsite. Hence there is no differences in the fees.


Q. I just read news report about video conferencing tool security issues. Is there any security in place?

Please be assured that there are safe ways to use Zoom and we have taken the relevant steps outlined below to minimize abuses that might compromise the safety of our students: 
1. All Germinate classes have a meeting room password.

2. We also have a waiting room in place for added security. This means that the teacher will allow students into the Zoom meeting at any point of time. Anyone who is not a student, and tries to enter the room will not be able to do so.

3. The teacher is the only one who can share screen in all classes.

4. We have also disabled the ability to share files and images from participants other than the teacher.

5. Students are also not able to share messages privately in their own chats except to the teacher.

We thank you for entrusting your child into our care. We do not take this responsibility lightly, and we are on the lookout for alternative video conferencing tool to assess if they can be a good fit for our classroom needs.

In the meantime, we will continue to take the necessary measures to ensure that your child is able to continue learning in a safe online environment.


Q. What other programs do you have besides weekly regular classes? 

During the school holiday period, we run our premier Germinate Masterclasses. These are intensive classes which focus on specific skillsets e.g. answering technique, concept mastery which aim to plug gaps in student learning in an effective and focused manner. 

Germinate Masterclasses are conducted seasonally during school holiday periods. These masterclasses typically range from 3-8 hour sessions and are usually held in central locations or online. 


Q: What’s the difference between Germinate Regular Group Classes and Germinate Masterclasses?

A: Germinate Regular Classes are structured weekly programs spanning 36-40 weeks which aim to equip students with the relevant content knowledge amidst a strong process skills framework in accordance with the requirements of the MOE Science Syllabus. The emphasis here is on building a strong foundation in loving and appreciating Science in tandem with meeting the demands of the PSLE Science syllabus. Our students will engage in the learning of science concepts, concrete with quizzes, videos, demonstrations and connect with real life applications of science on a weekly basis.

Germinate Masterclasses are intensive classes which focus on specific skillsets e.g. answering technique, concept mastery which aim to plug gaps in student learning in an effective and focused manner. Germinate Masterclasses are conducted seasonally during school holiday periods. These masterclasses typically range from 4-8 hour sessions and are usually held in central locations/online. 


Q: How will I know which program is suitable for my child?

 A: Generally speaking, regular classes are paced out in terms of the delivery and intensive classes are targeted and focused to plug gaps within a short time period. Largely, it depends on how your child learns best. Both programs can benefit both weaker and stronger students as our proprietary techniques have helped students across all bands in increasing their confidence and love for the subject.


Please feel free to contact us if you have further concerns or questions.