“Improve by leaps and bounds in 2 months!”

“Dear Teacher Jayce, thank you for your great effort and patience with I, which helped him to improve by leap and bounds in his latest final year exams. We were so worried he failed his Science in SA1. We didn’t have the right techniques to guide him in his revision and it was pretty obvious that he couldn’t catch up in school. Within less than 2 months of your lessons, we saw a more confident boy who made good progress over his revision papers. He’s also shown more enthusiasm in doing his revision as he doesn’t find Science that difficult anymore. As a parent, I’ve also learned better techniques from your sharing on how to coach him on his revision so that there are less struggles on both myself and him. Now that he’s just received his SA2 results showing a 75, which is a fantastic improvement! Thank you once again!”

Mdm Ng, mother of I, P4




“Update from a satisfied parent: Prior to attending today’s session, my boy had shown a lack of confidence and techniques in answering questions on his Science papers & assessment. He returned from the session with Science Dad SG’s Mr Jayce Or beaming with pride that he had gained some valuable skills to help him identify and differentiate question requirements and hence better his ability to score in the upcoming Prelims and national exams.” Mr Eric Liau, parent of Randolph, p6

“Thanks for the great teaching and patience, Livio really enjoys it a lot.. it is a great relief to walk out of the class confident , understood clearly something and being allowed to ask questions. It means so much to him.” – Ms Lisa Eu, parent of Livio, p5

“She used to dislike Science and was not scoring well, but ever since she attends your lessons, she loves science and looks forward to weekly classes. You have successfully morphed my daughter from a caterpillar to a butterfly who is confident to explore the world!”

“Teacher Jayce is able to break the concepts down to parts that are easily understood….Great with kids, patient and believes in them!”