Mar 2023

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P6 Science intensive masterclass

A solid 4-hour intensive module for PSLE students:

Clarify and Consolidate Major P6 topics and HEAVILY WEIGHTED Science Concepts in Upper Block. 

✅Pick up STRATEGIC Science Heuristics developed to satisfy the requirements of MOE Process Skills.

✅Targetted practice on basic Answering Technique with focused guidance and feedback.

 Module Focus: Energy, Forces and Living Together

*These 3 topics alone easily comprise 40% of questions in a typical PSLE paper!*


[Run 1 – Online] 13 Mar (Mon) & 14 Mar (Tue), Mar Holidays

Time: 1 – 3pm (2hrs x 2days = Total 4hrs) 

Venue: Online via Zoom


[Run 2 – Bugis] 17 Mar (Fri), Mar Holidays

Time: 9am – 1.15pm (4hrs, 15mins break)

Venue: 87 Beach Road Chye Sing Building,

#03-01 S(189695) Lingo School of Knowledge

(5 minutes walk from Bugis MRT)




Experiment Questions Masterclass

Do you know that experimental-based questions take up 30% or more in a typical Science paper and this percentage looks set to increase further. Your child can expect experiment-based questions to be tested in BOTH the multiple-choice section AND the open-ended section.

How your child will benefit from this masterclass:

✅Be trained in the thought processes and nature of experimental investigation. 
✅ Zoom in on common features, question terms and critical vocabulary used in experimental set ups.
✅ Analyse questions accurately with focus on important principles.
✅ Apply process skills confidently on CURATED QUESTIONS COMMONLY SEEN IN  SCIENCE PAPERS.
✅ Conquer and apply key concepts in experimental design and plug gaps by getting experimental fundamentals RIGHT.
✅ Achieve competency in tackling important experiment type questions of varying difficulties.


Recommended age group: P4 & P5

13 Mar 2023 (Mon), Mar Holidays

Time: 9am – 12noon (3 hours)

Venue: Online via Zoom