Nov 2022

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Discovery modules

Our Premier P3-6 Regular Science Classes are helmed by our effective C3 pedagogy and teaching techniques developed by Germinate’s Principal Coach, My Pals P5 & 6 Science Test Xtra Author, and experienced former PSLE Science marker Jayce Or. 

A Discovery Module is a 1.5 hour session designed to let students experience our Germinate C3 teaching approach in a concise, modular class involving selected Science topics. Find out how we help kids enjoy learning and loving Science!.

Each session comes packed with:

1. Concept Teaching

2. Concrete Teacher Demonstrations/ Hands-on Activities

3. Connections to Science Questions

4. Interactive Fun, Quizzes & Prizes to be won




P5 Critical Concepts Masterclass focuses on concept mastery; we fine tune and strengthen concepts, eliminate conceptual error through hands on and targeted practice. 

In this 6 hour masterclass, your child gets to:

☑️ Consolidate your revision of the CRITICAL Must-Know Science Concepts in Primary 5

☑️ Zoom in on CORE CONCEPTS that will be tested in every Science paper

☑️ Reinforce understanding of DIFFICULT & TRICKY science concepts in p5 that most students struggle with

☑️ Correct common conceptual errors that continue to stumble many p5 students

☑️ Targetted practice on “killer” P5 questions that will test student rigor in conceptual understanding and application


Recommended for P6 2023 Students

Reinforce and bridge critical concepts to PSLE!

Date: 23 & 24 November 2022 (Wed & Thur, School Holidays)

Time: 9am – 12noon (3hrs x 2days = Total 6hrs)

Venue: Online Via Zoom