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If you have been teaching your child at home, and want to pick up tools and smart tips to improve your child’s learning, we highly recommend you sign up for our FREE Online Sharing sessions on a variety of PSLE Science related topics. Conducted by Teacher Jayce, his primary passion is to help parents identify the challenges and demands of primary science in order to better improve their child’s learning.


8 Sep (Friday) 8-9pm *Over!*

From Prelims to PSLE Science – Final Lap Revision Tips

Note: This sharing will be featured in an upcoming CNA documentary on education. Please be informed that the documentary host may join us during the session and some filming will take place.

  1. The above sharing session is complimentary and intended to support parents in guiding their child’s learning. Your child is encouraged to sit in the session with you.
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11 Aug (Friday) 8.30-9.30pm *Over!*

Common Mistakes – Forces & Energy 


21 Jul (Friday) 8.30-9.30pm *Over!*

Strategise your Time for Prelim & PSLE Science


3 Jul (Monday) 8-9pm *Over!*

Which is Tougher – Life Science or Physical Science?


22 May (Monday) 8-9pm *Over!*

Skills you need to Breakthrough in OEQ


8 May (Monday) 7.30-8.30pm *Over!*

How to Approach Picture Type Questions in PSLE Science