I still remember a few of my favourite books while growing up was mostly science fiction stories written by Isaac Asimov and Arthur Clark. Even though many of the background to the stories are set in the future, it definitely fascinates me to dream about how our world would be like with advancements in science and technology.

As a parent and teacher, I will put up two hands and even my two legs if possible to support reading from a young age. Especially to cultivate a kid’s interest in science, you need to start young. Children love to draw great inspiration from the people around them, especially so when these are books about Asia’s eminent scientists of our time who are making a wonderful impact on our world as we speak. This I believe gives them hope and an attainable aspiration to reach for. 

Among the six scientists featured in this collection of six beautifully illustrated books, is Chinese fish paleontologist Chang Meemann, Indian space scientist Udapi Rao, Japanese nucelar physicist Koseke Morita and Singapore’s very own Chou Loke Meng, a coral expert who helped to set up Singapore’s first marine park in Sister’s Island.

I am so excited that there is going to be a children’s book series (Asian Scientist Junior) that showcases actual scientists in a very approachable manner. It is great that the stories showcase the childhood of the scientists which no doubt shaped the young minds. The message of the six stories is clear in bringing out the paths the scientists each have to take to get to where they are now. Many times the scientists do not boast and publish about the works that they are doing but we know the impact of their work affects our lives in tremendous ways.

Here are some colourful pages from the books on the inside.

I am pleased to announce that we have a GIVEAWAY of the children’s book series to my followers and friends.

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Selected winners would have to fulfill all the above conditions to be able get a chance to receive one of the books for the giveaway.

Further details would be given to the selected winners at the end of the giveaway about the collection of the books. 

Do note that the period of the giveaway is from 10 Aug 2018 (Fri) to 17 Aug 2018 (Fri).

Do support the Asian Scientist Junior children’s book series on Kickstarter! Looking forward to a successful launch of the children book series and many more books in the near future!

For the love of science,

Jayce, Science Dad SG

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