Join our suite of Premier Science Masterclass and follow your Road to Success!

Germinate’s Primary Science Masterclasses plug the gaps for students who need effective instruction in different aspects of the MOE Primary Science curriculum.

Developed and written by our Principal and PSLE Science Specialist, Jayce Or, our masterclasses are designed to support students and parents in THREE areas of need:

  1. Concept Mastery
  2. Answering Techniques
  3. Science Heuristics


Concept Mastery Masterclasses

   A Concept Mastery Masterclass tackles the core need of every student to master CRITICAL Science CONCEPTS in every topic in their level.

   Students need to be able possess:

  • a crucial understanding of Science concepts, rather than mere content
  • have an AWARENESS of the various CONCEPTS that are routinely and explicitly tested in every Science paper.

This masterclass hones student’s focus with concrete demonstrations, concept revision and targetted practices on MCQ and open ended questions that tests conceptual understanding.


Available Masterclasses:

    Upper Primary: 

  1. P6 Critical Concepts Masterclass
  2. P5 Critical Concepts Masterclass

Lower Primary:

1. P4 Super Science Me! Life Science Masterclass

2. P4 Super Science Me! Physical Science Masterclass


Answering Technique Masterclass

Our Decoding PSLE Science Answering Techniques Masterclass is a signature and highly popular masterclass series that has helped hundreds of students learn the proven and effective P.E.A.K. answering methodology developed by Principal and Founder, Jayce Or.

The analysis and technique behind the methodology has provided CLARITY and EASE to many students who struggle to decode the strategies to tackle Open Ended Questions and achieve significant improvement in their Science grades.

The methodology centres on tactical Question Analysis and teaching of various Science Questions Types that appear in every paper, and is highly successful in giving students the RIGHT skillsets to conquering Open Ended Questions.


Available Masterclasses:

Primary 6: 

Decoding PSLE Science: Answering Open Ended Questions the PSLE Way

Primary 5:

Decoding P5 Science: Gear up with S.M.A.R.T. Answering Strategies!


Science Heuristics Parent-Child Masterclass (New!)

This unique Parent-Child Masterclass is dedicated to help parents and children find success in understanding the requirements and demands of Science Questions.

Watch this space for updates!